White 2024 Aurifil 50wt Thread - 1300M Spool

White 2024 Aurifil 50wt Thread - 1300M Spool

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Aurifil Mako is a quality 100% cotton thread made in Italy.  This is a 50wt thread (orange spool) which is often referred to as the universal thread weight due to it's versatility.  Good for the bobbin as well as topstitching and suitable for a wide variety of both machine and hand sewing projects.

Note - this size spool is too thick to fit into an envelope and requires parcel post.  We have deliberately made the purchase price lower and the weight higher so that the delivered price of one spool is $17.00, which includes our maximum $5.00 tracked parcel post charge.  (Other items can be added to your order and no further postal charges are applied.)  

Available for White 2024 only and the stock on hand for the weekend of The Great Australian Craft Show 2.